Mini Implants

Mini Implants

Mini Dental Implants - Nashua NH 
Looking for a convenient, simple solution to replace missing teeth in tight spaces where a full dental implant might be difficult or inconvenient?

Are you seeking a denture stabilization system to keep lower dentures from slipping?
Dr. Krothapalli offers MDI mini implants for exactly these situations.  

What is an MDI Mini Implant?

A mini implant is a type of dental implant that is offered in special situations where a full-sized implant would not be ideal. Mini implants are typically used in two types of situations:
  • To replace small teeth, like missing incisors, in tight spaces where installing a full dental implant would be difficult.  
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  • To provide stabilization for dentures, preventing them from shifting in your mouth when you speak, eat, and drink.
Mini implants are different from regular dental implants in a few important ways:
After your examination, our dentists may suggest:

  • Small size: As its name suggests, a mini implant is much smaller than other dental implants–roughly half the width.
  • Less invasive: Mini implants are not inserted as deep into the jaw bone, so the implant surgery is less invasive and has a shorter healing period.
  • Shorter surgery: Dr. Krothapalli can install MDI mini implants in as little as 90 minutes, requiring minimal anesthetic and a shorter time in the dentist’s chair.
  • Lower cost: Because of their smaller size and easier installation, mini implants cost less.
Benefits of Mini Implants
  • Appearance: MDI mini implants are primarily used to stabilize dentures, providing a flawless, natural look and feel for your false teeth.
  • Comfort: Patients who get mini implants feel much more comfortable with the added stability of their dentures. With our denture stabilization system, your lower dentures won’t move, shift, or slip as you talk or eat.
  • Convenience: Mini implants are quicker and easier to install than regular dental implants, making them an easy, natural choice.
  • Cost: With mini implants, you can save up to 70% off the cost of full dental implants.
To find out if mini implants may be right for you, or to book an appointment with Dr. Krothapalli to learn more about dental implant options, contact Krothapalli Family Dental today at 603-883-2232 to schedule your appointment! Our practice welcomes patients fromHudson, Merrimack, Amherst, Brookline and all surrounding communities.
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